TargetRecruit announces its next webinar series: Application Tracking System built on a leading cloud CRM


TargetRecruit is excited to announce the dates for its upcoming webinar, “Experience the Most Significant Recruitment CRM”. TargetRecruit was developed to help recruiters manage their staffing, recruiting, marketing, sales, accounting and more. TargetRecruit also offers advanced features, like the ability for recruiters to rank candidates, integrate with Job Boards, Timesheet, Payroll, integrate with Accounting applications like QuickBooks, Microsoft GreatPlains and more.

Built on, TargetRecruit can be found at AppExchange at .

“Experience the most Significant Recruitment CRM: TargetRecruit on,” will focus on the advantages of using TargetRecruit and how the platform’s versatility can help recruiters in their daily tasks as well as their long-term sales, marketing and recruiting goals. “The recruitment industry is growing at a rapid pace, and TargetRecruit is dedicated to providing the leading applicant-tracking software in the recruiting industry,” said Reena Gupta, TargetRecruit CEO. “We guarantee the best possible experience and results for all of our clients, and we are excited to offer this webinar to highlight our many competitive advantages.”

The webinar will address several topics, including: 

  •     All in One - Integrated Platform for Sales, Marketing, Recruiting, Timesheet, Accounting and Payroll
  •     Flexibility to adapt to your Business Process
  •     Social Media Integration
  •     Track the Credentials and Qualifications of Candidates
  •     Extensive Reporting and Analytics

“Experience the most Significant Recruitment CRM built on” is available to global users on the following dates and time:


Australia/Asia-Pacific Region: 


UK Region: 


US Region: 


Feature Overview for TargetRecruit include:


  •     Cloud based built on
  •     Integration with over 1800 apps on the AppExchange
  •     Multiple languages and currency
  •     Most Secure, reliable and scalable web based platform
  •     99.99% uptime
  •     Runs on any browser, PC, Mac, smart phones, tablets, any mobile device



  •     Easily integrated into your existing business systems
  •     Capable of capturing as much data as your require
  •     Control data access based on specific roles and privileges
  •     Write business rules that fit your company's requirements
  •     Generate business specific reports
  •     Completely configurable (reports, dashboards and page layouts)


Marketing and Sales 

  •     Marketing tools to manage campaigns, emails, etc.
  •     Market to candidates about job openings with automated emails
  •     Customized reports and analytics to track numbers and activities
  •     Integrate sales and recruitment activities on Sales force



  •     Manage projects from start to finish
  •     Track project profitability
  •     Timesheet tracking online
  •     Integrate with accounting systems like QuickBooks, Microsoft GreatPlains, Intacct and more



  •     Manage and Track everything from Job requisition to placement
  •     Auto search candidates and notifications about matches
  •     Boolean searching
  •     Candidate portal including pre-screen questions, reference checks, etc.
  •     Track emails for review status, send follow up emails
  •     Organize interview times for hiring managers and candidates
  •     Integration with LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook
  •     Integration with Job boards and Social Media
  •     Integration with Outlook, Gmail


Credentials Management 

  •     Single Step Credentials Management
  •     Electronic Signature
  •     Document Automation
  •     Instant Notifications-Licence Renewal and Expiration Notices


Optional Add-ons / Integrations 

  •     Integration with electronic signature
  •     Integration with email marketing products
  •     Integration with document generation and tracking
  •     Integration with other systems as needed



About TargetRecruit

TargetRecruit is a leading Applicant Tracking System and Recruitment CRM built on the platform and serves staffing and recruiting companies on every continent. It is one of the most highly recommended recruiting applications on’s application marketplace, AppExchange. Staffing and recruiting firms worldwide use TargetRecruit as an end to end recruitment solution because of the flexibility, mobility and ease of customization. TargetRecruit provides their clients ONE system to manage recruiting, sales & marketing, accounting & payroll, time sheet tracking, approvals, and robust reporting. TargetRecruit also supports their clients with consulting services to help them configure and customize the application according to their unique business processes and requirements. TargetRecruit is the first end-to-end recruiting application on’s business application marketplace, AppExchange.

The company is headquartered in Nashville, Tennessee, with centers in Bangalore, India, and Minsk, Belarus.

For more on TargetRecruit, visit or call 1-877-739-2818

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