October 2011 employment numbers indicates a improving market, at least as of now !!!

ADP announced today that Private sector business have added 110,000 jobs in october up 10,000 jobs than earlier estimated.

Here are some of the highlights

  • Job numbers up at 110,000 for the monthun employment trends oct 2011
  • Fed report was not encouraging for 2012, indicating slower growth.
  • The October unemployment rate is expected to remain at 9.1%. The U.S. jobless rate has been 9.0% or more since April, a sign of how weak labor markets are.
  • The latest ADP report showed large businesses with 500 employees or more cut 1,000 employees from their staffs, while medium-size businesses added 53,000 workers in October and small businesses that employ fewer than 50 workers hired 58,000 new workers.
  • Service-sector jobs increased by 114,000 last month, and factory jobs fell by 8,000.

ADP is one of the largest payroll processors and a leading economic indicator provider in the private sector.

Recruiting trends should favor looking for job opportunities in small to mid-size companies while looking for candidates from large companies.

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