To cloud staffing platform leader TargetRecruit, CRM also means Candidate Relationship Management – capturing initial candidate interest through their final placement helping to nurture and manage the entire candidate lifecycle.

In the fast-moving and demanding staffing industry, quick turnaround and effective communication are crucial for success at every point throughout the candidate lifecycle. TargetRecruit, a leading cloud-based staffing platform, has partnered with marketing automation provider, Act-On, and broadcasting call service provider, Call-Em-All, to help Candidate Relationship Management give you a strong edge over the competition.

Every successful staffing company must execute a top-notch communication strategy that allows them to fully automate and manage candidates’ engagement from initial interest to final placement. By coupling marketing automation through a combined Applicant Tracking System (ATS) and CRM cloud-based platform, you will:

  • Attract more high-quality candidates to your website and social sites
  • Make your candidate campaigns accessible on any device and in real time
  • Track candidates’ online behavior so you know who is most important to follow up with – and when
  • Continually nurture candidates delivering the right information at the right time through email, text and social means
  • More accurately search, sort, and segment candidates from within your talent pools and databases
  • Automatically trigger and send customized emails, texts and calls based on specific candidate interactions
  • Log and track all candidate communication history, interactions, website visits and activities in one system
  • Analyze and report on candidate marketing campaign performance, including in real time
  • Foster better communication – and long-term relationships – between you, hiring managers, and candidates

Increase Placement Effectiveness and Stakeholder Productivity Through a Customized Mobile and Social Approach

How can you attract highly qualified and interested candidates to your latest open positions in today’s demanding, mobile accessible and tech-savvy market? Whether your methods are focused on posting to your career page, job boards or social sites, your recruiting systems should offer a customized approach to engage candidates using mobile and social capabilities. These features will save you time in finding the right applicants and will also push them through the initial stages of the candidate lifecycle more quickly and efficiently.

Studies show that sourcing candidates via social sites has rapidly increased each year, particularly through Linkedin, Facebook and Twitter. From Business Insider’s recent article on social media engagement, roughly 60% of social media time is spent on smartphones and tablets not PCs. You must keep up with the latest social and mobile trends in order to attract the right candidates. Within a system that integrates applicant tracking and CRM, like TargetRecruit, you can build out an entire, multi-level recruitment campaign that takes advantage social media’s high engagement rates and mobile platforms’ ease of action.

A recent Forbes article shows that the growth in social and mobile is without-a-doubt trending, but even more in the last few years as more companies and recruitment teams have adopted social recruiting strategies. Studies from PewResearch Center show that nearly two-thirds of Americans own a smartphone of some kind, and for many, these devices are a main resource for accessing not only personal social media but also available jobs.

In April 2015, Facebook revealed that it now has more than 1.44 billion monthly active users (up 13 percent year-over-year). Of those, 1.25 billion were mobile users, an increase of 24 percent year over year. All this mobile activity has evolved to “smart sourcing” by candidates and is now the the backbone of a successful talent acquisition and recruiting strategy.

Why should you consider a customized and automated Candidate Relationship Management mobile and social approach?

  • You will eliminate countless hours making phone calls and sending emails to irrelevant candidates; reaching more interested and qualified applicants in less time at lower costs using integrated auto-text and calling features, like TargetRecruit’s. This includes notifying shortlisted candidates by voice and text, sending reminders and notifications about all aspects during the hiring process.
  • You will help ensure candidates who view your posts and receive communication are interested before investing more time in additional communication. Social platforms allow you to gain insight far beyond gaining candidates location, skillsets and personal information. You can learn more about their behavior and what their career goals are for the long-term through these resources.
  • Mobile capabilities offer quick access to a wide-range of multi-touch communication and activities. While social and email are still primary methods for communication, recruiters will gain a quicker response on a mobile device through auto-texting and auto-calling. For anyone on the go, confined with a set schedule or limited access to email, a more modern approach––auto-texting or auto-calling––may help to reach candidates faster. Not only does this method take into consideration the candidate’s time, but also saves you time and cuts back on manual efforts.
  • You can track and manage nearly every digital touch point, with a cloud-based platform like TargetRecruit, starting with job posting and broadcasting features that easily embed into your own branded career page. When a candidate takes interest in a job opening either through social engagement or a career site, they can quickly and easily apply for the position with the system automatically storing all their details during the application process. Furthermore, with a modern Candidate Relationship Management system, once the Candidate has begun the application process or takes interest by replying to emails or postings, alerts and notifications can be triggered.

Personalize & Simplify Your Candidate Nurturing and Marketing Efforts

To get the best recruiting results, staffing companies should nurture candidates to build trust and a positive perception of your company. When using non-integrated ATS and CRM system, more time is invested through manual means in attracting candidates without developing long-term relationships to your company, and the risk of losing candidates during the process increases substantially.

By having an automated candidate nurturing strategy in place, such as through TargetRecruit, you can be more certain the amount of “spam” emails your company sends will reduce significantly, allowing you to focus your valuable time on sending meaningful content to candidates. Understanding where a person is in their career and the type of activities they are involved with will, while also tracking that information, will help you engage and keep them interested in your jobs. Not only does the content you send candidates matter, but so does incorporating a personal touch to your emails, regardless if they are one-on-one or a mass communication.

An integrated and automated ATS and CRM, such as TargetRecruit, will provide

  • A fully customizable communications platform to easily manage candidate messaging allowing you to personalize your messages generating more candidate interest and higher quality applicants;
  • An entire linked history of candidate data, job data, records of transactions and communication between jobs and hiring managers that you can visualize to generate the right candidate marketing strategies;
  • The ability to handle new and modern processes, typically done on disconnected systems, but now can be adapted to on one system allowing you to merge your data and communicate more effectively with candidates.

Gain more Interested Candidates and Move Them Through Each Stage of Their Lifecycle Seamlessly

After the stage of candidate initial engagement and first-touch communication, with the help of a candidate marketing automation tools, you will continue to nurture candidates on a deeper level. You will gain valuable insights and analytics about all of your candidate nurturing efforts based on response, interaction, candidate activity, candidate behavior, and compliance measurement.

Today’s modern, integrated technology, such as TargetRecruit, allows recruiters to use several key tools:

  • Multi-Touch Communications: Use of one-on-one and mass email, auto-texting/calling, webinar promotion and tracking, website activity tracking, and one-to-one relationship interaction.
  • Robust Database Segmentation: Use of ATS capabilities that go beyond tracking normal fields (skills, location salary) and digs into new areas that will be as useful to you. Tracking candidate behavior behind the scenes over time and with that information, contact the right person at the right time.
  • Candidate Auto-Matching: Key database fields are matched to job openings as new jobs become available that fit all or some of the relevant fields. From there, an auto-match communication is triggered and sent to the ideal candidate.
  • Tailored Messaging: Build and send personalized messages. Once you understand the level of interest, you can create personalized, responsive messages that look great across multiple devices––and send these messages more quickly than ever before. With an system such as TargetRecruit you can pull from hundreds of fields without cutting, pasting and manually entering content to help you develop a relationship and connect to the email.
  • Candidate Nurturing: Turn passive candidates into interested applicants by keeping in touch with them automatically over time through drip marketing, communication scheduling and triggered alerts. A recent CareerBuilder study shows that 50% of candidates will tell their friends about a bad experience with a company, and 64% of candidates will tell their friends about a good experience with a company. With that in mind, if you are constantly nurturing your candidate’s, chances are high that you’ll leave a lasting impression, and in turn, they will tell their peers about their experience.

Other areas that provide keen insight on how strong your marketing efforts are and ways to keep moving candidates through each stage of the process include:

  • Level of Interest Tracking: Ability to understand a candidate’s wants, need and interests by combining candidate data with behavioral activity.
    • Email Marketing: number of clicks, what they clicked on, scoring, number of times opened
    • Web Visits: number of pages visited, which pages, how often, referring site
    • Auto-Text/Calls: number of responses for both call and text
    • Webinars: attendance, registration page visited versus submitted, reminder views
    • Forms/Applications: amount submitted or viewed, reponse to questions, data validation
    • Other activities: for example, collateral downloads, event attendance and print ad response
  • Triggered Campaigns: Measure how many times a candidate performs a certain behavior or participates in an activity, and from there, you can build more knowledge about the approach you should take to keep them interested or match them with a better opportunity.
  • Candidate Scoring or Customizable Scoring Engine: Very quickly asses who’s interested, who’s more qualified for the position, and who you should move forward with to communicate and interview. Some areas to consider:
    • Job Application
    • Job Posting Visits
    • Application for another Job
    • Didn’t View the Job Email
  • Measurable ROI and New Insights: Combine Google Analytics with your marketing automation analytics to dig deeper into the numbers and where your efforts are showing the most impact.
  • Internal Team Alignment: Processes flow smoothly when everyone is on the same page, and using one system with one tool on one platform keeps all the information in one place without room for data duplication or error.

Without managing the candidate nurturing process through a cloud-based platform, you will have less placements and end up speaking to more candidates than necessary overtime. With an integrated, automated ATS and CRM you be able to communicate with a large number of candidates automatically, building trust and ultimately make more placements. As a result of using TargetRecruit’s platform, you’ll have highly qualified placements that you can manage in real time with a significant increase in effectiveness and productivity throughout the entire process.


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