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Employee Referral Programme- The pros and the cons

  Talent retention and acquisition is increasingly becoming popular in organizations. Companies to ensure that the best talent acquisition happens insist on using employee referral programme to poach the best talent available. However many internal employees are of just one perception, does it always really work. However the trend happening in companies is that employee referrals are preferred

Measure your Quality of Hire

Quality of hire is directly interlinked to the measure of how well a new person meets the performance needs of the job. The performance management process of the job and the candidate involvement is very crucial here. When should you measure quality of hire? Try measuring your quality of hire in 3 interval stages mainly: Before, During

Mapping out Solutions: Integrated Geolocation

For a few years, sites like Mapquest were at the forefront of online mapping tools, but as Google became larger and more capable of maintaining Google Maps and Google Earth, it was clear that this style of technology and this level of accessibility needed to be expanded.  Data analytics, when applied to mapping and geographic information,

3 Reasons to Consider Payroll Integration

There are 3 major reasons why  payroll integration is not just a good idea, but a good business practice. The integration of major processes (payroll management) and applications (payroll processing) into a staffing company’s online recruiting platform began when the cloud made it extremely easy to do so. Most companies use a payroll provider like