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The Digital Future of Healthcare Staffing: 5 Solutions to Improve Hiring and Retention

Many organizations still use manual or paper-based processes, which are slow, expensive, and error-prone, resulting in inefficient operations and compliance risks. Investing in digital healthcare operations reduces search time and costs while delighting candidates and improving security and compliance. For a healthcare staffing firm to succeed, connectivity is imperative to long-term growth and the ability

4 Easy Ways to Improve Recruiter Performance

There comes a point in time when a Recruiting Manager will have to sit down with an individual recruiter, or a team of recruiters and assess their strengths, weaknesses and areas of improvement in order to hit quotas and attain business goals.  We are presenting 4 Easy Ways to Improve Recruiter Performance. 1.  Data Support:  The

Embrace the Mobile Movement For a Better Recruiting Experience

Communicate and Engage In just the last few years, Mobile communication has become one of the most effective channels of conversation––particularly in the staffing and recruiting industry and it’s marketed sectors. Not just communication, but we see a skyrocketing trend in using mobile to access anything and everything through applications and the cloud. TargetRecruit’s platform