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The Most Innovative Recruitment Tools

With a wide range of local recruitment apps available, and a market seemingly flooded with startups producing apps and other online tools for recruitment, losing sight of the products and services that are the most powerful and profoundly useful can be easy. Flashy marketing promotions and websites designed in the most eye-catching and trendy ways

Recruitment on Twitter: Bringing Company Culture to the #Masses

With 288 million active users, Twitter‘s network is an incredibly worthwhile source of candidates, customers, industry specialists, and other types of folks whose skills, experience, and needs can be leveraged for the benefit of an organization. Juxtaposed with the strength of Twitter’s data indexing, mainly in regards to hashtags and hashtag searching, Twitter must be

The Power and the Limitations of Big Data

Big Data – it’s an unavoidable buzzword in the business and tech world. In this day and age, our actions on the world wide web, including our search history, our social networking patterns, what type of browser we’re using and what apps we’re downloading are all tracked, quantified, and analyzed on scales that were unimaginable