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2013 is just around the corner. According to Staffing Industry Analysts, 2013 looks to be a terrific year for the staffing and recruiting business.  How will you put your best foot forward with your Recruiting Software?  Are you familiar with the newest term in Recruiting Process Automation?  It’s called the Recruiting Platform.  A Recruiting Platform is the new buzz word for a “single, integrated business solution creating a centralized platform specifically for the recruiting and staffing industry”.

The Recruiting Platform ADVANTAGE

Staffing agencies no longer have to acquire a cloud based CRM to manage sales and business development.  A Recruiting platform includes both Applicant Tracking and CRM functions and capabilities.  It also includes cloud based, integrated solutions for providing time-sheets, payroll, accounting, marketing to prospects and marketing jobs to candidates.  Each and every critical business function is satisfied on one, powerful platform.

In addition, business reporting is huge for 2013.  As we glide into the year of Big Data, making sense of sales, marketing and recruiting information is key to being successful in a world full of 1s and 0s.  It is imperative that historical data, is analyzed for patterns that can be utilized to better the entire organization’s overall profitability.

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