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TargetRecruit is a cloud-based Applicant Tracking Solution that is fully customizable and part of an ecosystem of integrated apps. From front office to back office, we have combined a powerful and flexible ATS with the world’s #1 CRM program.

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Why an Applicant Tracking System is a must today?

Sourcing right talent has been a big challenge for recruiters, with changing business needs. Either it is cherry picking or mass staffing, recruitment process eats up time and most of the budget of HR department. An applicant tracking system can help automate the hiring process, starting from collecting job applications, parsing and analyzing resumes,  identifying top candidates, organizing...

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...the applicant review process. Once the candidate comes on board, ATS manages the entire onboarding process. It can keep track of payroll, employee productivity and performances as well.

Hence, an ATS is an end-to-end solution and is throughout the life of an applicant and beyond. By automating most of the repetitive and manual work, ATS lets recruiters focus just on hiring strategy.

Why is Credentialing in healthcare recruiting so important?

In the 1960s, the Darling v. Charleston Community Memorial Hospital case established the obligation of hospitals to verify their physician and other provider competencies. This landmark suit soon resulted in the creation of the Credentialing process as hospitals and other organizations sought to protect themselves from similar lawsuits. Credentialing is commonly defined as the process of examining, reviewing...

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...and verifying that a candidate’s professional licenses or certifications, education, experience and other variables are in order and all occupational and related criteria are met. The term is also used with medical groups’ closed panels to determine the eligibility of a prospective provider for clinical privileges at a hospital or managed care organization (MCO). In what appears as a straightforward process, Credentialing can be a difficult and often confusing practice, since many healthcare practitioners require different types of education and certifications.

What is Candidate Relationship Management?

It is the sum total of interactions between recruiting company and candidates (sometimes staffing agency as well) - be it digital interaction or in person. So whether it is reading a job posting, navigating through career site, telephonic conversations with the recruiter/ hiring manager or the interview process, it will contribute in its own way to a positive or negative candidate experience and in turn affect...

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...candidate-recruiter relationship. Candidates will then join the organization based on how well they were treated across interactions and how they feel about the relationship. Hence, it is very important to pay attention to each and every phase of recruitment process- from sourcing  to onboarding. Till now, candidate relationship management has been the most ignored aspect of recruiting cycle at organizations. Biggest of the brands fail to acknowledge the importance of a good candidate experience or candidate relationship. But in the past few years, organizations have started talking about it. 

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