We had reviewed multiple softwares before arriving at a decision of going with target recruit. The reason we went ahead with it was it had most of the aspects of the recruitment process what we were looking for and was value for money. We have implemented it recently and are in the process of customizing a few areas to suit our processes and will possibly be live in a few days. Its a good tool to work with and streamline your recruitment processes. The support has been fantastic and have received good service to date. The only point that could possibly be improvised on would be if the initial training on getting used to the software needs to be increased to around 4 hours. Otherwise it seems to a great help for the streamlining of the process.
Business Challenge
Needed an app which was stable, fast and accessible from anywhere Needed an easy system for the team members who were not from the technical background Need for internal hiring and tracking
Multiple softwares were evaluated and TargetRecruit was finalized because of its user friendly features and functionality Very cost effective and value for money Internal hiring and tracking was very esay with TargetRecruit Easy Training Process for the team members to learn the system Overall easy to use system and meets every aspect of recruiting process
Saved money and time for the recruiting process Upgraded the number of user licenses due to the ease of the system