As an executive search firm our key needs were a solution that improved our use of time, aided our search ability and made the tracking and communicating with candidates easier. We looked at numerous solutions both on the AppExchange and standalone but found TargetRecruit to be streets ahead. Primarily I believe because the developers have a recruiting background.The design is very intuitive. Great App. Strong Recommendation
Business Challenge
Needed a solution that improved their use of time Poor tracking of candidates and jobs Lack of advanced search ability Needed a user friendly solution on salesforce Needed integration
Provides advanced search ability to track every touch point Easy to use and the flow of process on the system is not time consuming Every touch point was recorded and the historical data can be tracked Found TargetRecruit very advanced when compared to the competitors because of the recruiting background of the developers of the system. All the required integrations were met
Deployed TargetRecruit and the saw immense success in the hiring process Recommend TargetRecruit very highly Hiring was more organised with the ease of the system