Staffing firms typically contact TargetRecruit with several specific goals and a list of high level requirements as they evaluate Applicant Tracking Systems. These requirements vary for every staffing company, in fact, no two staffing company’s requirements are exactly alike. The ultimate objective, however, is always the same: “Increase our staffing company’s sophistication as an enterprise Read More

There comes a point in time when a Recruiting Manager will have to sit down with an individual recruiter, or a team of recruiters and assess their strengths, weaknesses and areas of improvement in order to hit quotas and attain business goals.  We are presenting 4 Easy Ways to Improve Recruiter Performance. 1.  Data Support:  The Read More

2013 is just around the corner. According to Staffing Industry Analysts, 2013 looks to be a terrific year for the staffing and recruiting business.  How will you put your best foot forward with your Recruiting Software?  Are you familiar with the newest term in Recruiting Process Automation?  It’s called the Recruiting Platform.  A Recruiting Platform Read More

Social Recruiting is best described as the process of leveraging Social Media and personal and professional contacts to recruit and hire. Most successful recruiters and top billers have captured talent from a social network and the social recruiting forecast is growing exponentially everyday. Here are 4 ways to build your social network as a company, Read More

Whether an employee of staffing company, a candidate working with a staffing company to find their next career, or a company that has hired the services of a staffing company,  one had better make certain that it is E3 Certified. What is an E3 Certification you ask? The E stands for EMPOWERMENT. The 3 represents the EMPOWERMENT of the following 3 groups: 1. Employees Read More

The very best thing about being in the industry of Recruitment Technology is that it changes about every 5 minutes. It’s a simultaneous change of both cloud computing  technology and quickly finding solutions to the staffing industry’s needs and demands. It’s a great day when a technology company is highlighted in a respected industry blog Read More