We are recognized for improving candidate experience and recruiter productivity. From candidate sourcing to onboarding, we streamline each step of the recruiting value chain and help you make better business decisions. With automated timesheet, billing, payroll, accounting and reporting apps, we improve back office productivity to increase your business profitability.



  • Simplified candidate management
  • Seamless job broadcasting and publishing
  • Advanced skills checklist and tracking
  • Personalized candidate, vendor and client portal
  • Quick submissions, interviews and placements
  • Integrated payroll and timesheet
  • Intuitive reporting and analytics
  • Entire "Req to check" in one platform

Get the word out

Marketing is extremely important for the growth of your business. With our integrated partner apps, you can create, organize and automate marketing campaigns. With features like marketing to candidates, marketing to clients, we have all your marketing needs covered.

Seize the opportunity

Every touch point with a client or a candidate is a stepping stone for future relationships and business growth. With us, you can easily manage existing/ prospective client and candidate relationship and also ensure that your sales and hiring process is configured accordingly, for higher efficiency.

Improved experience

Effectiveness of a recruitment process is highly dependent on its speed and speed depends on automation. It's high time you simplify your staffing & recruiting processes. We help you source right candidates quickly; improve the interview experience for both candidates and clients and much more.

Let the data flow

If your applications are not talking to each other, then you are not making the most of them. A bidirectional/multidirectional flow of accounting, payroll and other information is necessary for any recruiting platform. TargetRecruit has partnered with dbSync which can integrate with all major back office systems including Quickbooks, Netsuite, Microsoft Dynamics and more.

Tailor-made solution

Every organization has different hiring and onboarding process and surely yours is unique. With TargetRecruit, you can configure apps to support specific business needs and get a custom made solution for yourself. Back office connectivity with timesheet, billing, payroll, accounting and reporting apps saves time and enhances service levels.

Reduce error & error-proneness

Till yesterday, hiring meant a lot of manual work, but not today. User defined workflows within TargetRecruit can track each step of hiring, assign tasks and send reminders to increase accountability. With features like automated Timesheet, billing, payroll, accounting, there is no scope for duplication of efforts or any errors in backend processes.

Generate actionable insights

A good report or analysis implies better insights for your business. TargetRecruit's analytics module, a fully-customizable reporting system generates high quality automated reports to support your business and ensures that you take data driven decisions.

Be more relevant

Having information is one thing but being able to access it on-the-go is equally critical in this connected world. Our entire platform is delivered through any mobile device or tablet, ensuring that you are always well prepared. By offering Timesheet app to employees, you facilitate them to enter and view their timesheets, approve (in case of managers) anytime anywhere.


We fit organizations of all shapes and sizes!

Whether you're a start-up, an established industry veteran or a Fortune 500 player, we have a package just right for you.

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How we grew together

Increased recruiting and service efficiency by automating business processes

The client was able to increase recruiting and service efficiency and reduce manual effort. Integration to Free Pack software made their process very powerful as invoices and billing could be initiated from TargetRecruit itself. However, what client appreciated the most about us was our service offering and relationship management.

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