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We’re always looking for new partners to enhance our ecosystem and to spread the word about TargetRecruit!


Our Outstanding Partners Add Exceptional Value to Our Ecosystem

Our technology partners are all prolific and well-known leaders in their respective fields. We're so thankful for the innovation, expertise and value that they contribute to the TargetRecruit ecosystem, improving the experience of our clients as we grow together.


    TargetRecruit is entirely built and managed on the dynamic and innovative Salesforce platform. Salesforce enables TargetRecruit to offer clients a cost-effective and efficient way to run their Staffing Business in the cloud.



    TargetRecruit is hosted on the Amazon server and we’re proud to think of Amazon as our home. Amazon is an excellent web service provider that offers great cloud computing solutions and much more.


  • DocuSign

    TargetRecruit’s partnership with DocuSign accelerates the recruitment process for staffing companies and their clients, lowering costs and speeding up time-to-hire. The addition of DocuSign’s electronic signature solution to the TargetRecruit ecosystem significantly enhances our ability to help staffing company clients source, hire and manage workers from one platform.


  • Monster

    Staffing company clients will be able to leverage the advanced search feature of SeeMore as it unites semantic search with the cloud, improving results and opening up search functionality on multiple databases. This means TargetRecruit users will now be able to find better matches through the auto-match feature of TargetRecruit, making it a more effective recruitment software.


  • Universal Background

    Our partnership with Universal helps employers implement a paperless talent management and background screening solution from within the TargetRecruit ecosystem. This means we’re able to provide clients with timely, high quality and compliant background checks.


  • Call-Em-All

    TargetRecruit’s Call-Em-All integration notifies the shortlisted candidates by voice and text messages, sending reminders and notifications about all aspects of the application process. This expedites and simplifies the process of finding qualified and interested candidates.


  • Prophecy Healthcare

    An exciting partnership for healthcare staffing companies to run their entire business - including assessment management – on TargetRecruit. It will simplify the assessment process for healthcare staffing firms that place the utmost priority on staffing qualified healthcare employees for clients.


  • Daxtra Technology Inc

    TargetRecruits’s resume extraction and search tools have been developed in collaboration with Daxtra technologies, a leading recruitment specialist with an amazing hub of recruitment process software.


  • Drawloop

    TargetRecruit’s partnership with Drawloop helps clients to automate the creation and delivery of sales and service documents entirely within Salesforce. Drawloop eliminates manual processes, improving document and data accuracy as well as team productivity.


  • Act-On

    TargetRecruit partnership with Act-On will help clients for tracking and reporting, analysis, lead generation and nurturing, and more. Act-On's easy-to-use marketing automation helps clients get more done – email, lead generation, social media, analytics – with less time and effort.


  • ADP

    TargetRecruit’s seamless integration with ADP allows clients to upload timesheets for compliant payment without duplication of data in multiple systems, increasing productivity. Enhanced permissions and security ensure that only appropriate employees can access confidential payroll data.


  • Post Code Anywhere‏

    Postcode Anywhere is now one of the leading providers of cloud-based address management services. This partnership helps TargetRecruit provide geolocation, based on zip code (aka postal code) search functionality within TargetRecruit.


Want to partner with TargetRecruit?

We’re always looking for new partners to enhance our ecosystem and to spread the word about TargetRecruit! We typically partner with other companies in the following ways:

Technology Partnerships

Technology partners develop and integrate custom applications for use within the TargetRecruit Platform. If you have a product or service that you think would make a great addition to our ecosystem please contact us, we’d love to hear from you!

Target Alliance Partnerships

Target Alliance Partners promote, integrate, customize and support the TargetRecruit platform with client companies.There are multiple levels of Target Alliance Partnership programs available, depending on the services partners are able to provide such as:
– Consulting and Reselling TargetRecruit to clients
– Sales Support
– Consulting Support
– Lead Referrals

All of our partner programs come with a competitive  compensation structure. Contact us for more information about our partner programs and to discuss how we can work together!