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Our ecosystem of apps helps you grow your business while keeping costs to a minimum. Almost every aspect of your staffing business can be run more effectively through our ecosystem, streamlining lengthy processes and improving productivity. With TargetRecruit, you have the flexibility to pick and choose the right apps for any area of your business, from marketing and sourcing through to accounting and reporting. You can easily add or remove apps as your business needs change, just as you would with your phone or tablet.

Easily Customizable

TargetRecruit is a flexible staffing platform with customizable apps so you’re not confined by the limitations of traditional software. Your team can easily customize fields, workflows, look and feel, and even add new apps without incurring additional cost! Easily the most flexible staffing platform on the market today, your use of TargetRecruit can change and grow along with your business needs. The TargetRecruit team can also help configure the apps to suit your specific requirements. If you need extra support - just ask us!

Mobile and Social

TargetRecruit helps you run your staffing company on the move with cutting-edge mobile and social technology. Communicate and market to your network of clients and candidates from anywhere, at any time, on any device. Our unique mobile app allows candidates to apply for jobs in real-time, speeding up the recruitment process for your staffing company. Revolutionizing the staffing industry, mastery of mobile and social is becoming critical to the success of recruiters in companies of all sizes – let us help you!

Seamless Integration

TargetRecruit connects all your key business processes under one simple, cloud-based platform. Built entirely on Salesforce, no other solution provides this type of seamless integration between the front and backend of your business. An end-to-end solution for your staffing company, we can help you with everything from Marketing, Recruiting and Hiring to Billing, Accounting and Reporting.

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Try TargetRecruit for 30 Days to Boost Your Staffing Efficiency

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