Marketing and Sales

Marketing & Sales tools that help you win more business. TargetRecruit helps you create, organize and automate marketing campaigns, critical to the success and growth of your staffing company. With solutions for marketing to candidates and clients, TargetRecruit has all your marketing needs covered.

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Marketing and SalesX

In the recruitment business, communication is key. Using Salesforce’s industry leading CRM along with our innovative marketing app partner Act-On, TargetRecruit can help you excel at marketing your services to clients and communicating opportunities to quality candidates.


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Staffing & Recruiting

Simplify your Staffing & Recruiting processes with TargetRecruit. Make your recruitment process easier and more effective with our industry-leading applicant tracking, mobile and social apps. We help you source strong, highly-qualified candidates faster, improve the interview scheduling experience and efficiently guide both candidates and clients through the entire recruitment process seamlessly.

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Staffing & RecruitingX

TargetRecruit does more than your average ATS. It’s an ecosystem of recruitment apps that will help your recruitment team get the results they need at a speed that will wow your clients and win you more business.

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Our automated timesheet, billing, payroll, accounting and reporting apps will help streamline the back-end processes, ultimately saving time and boost quality of service to clients.

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Eliminate the need for integration and manual labor––provide better service to clients, get your invoices paid faster and generate quality, automated reporting and analytics all on one system! We’ll help you secure your position as a trusted partner and advisor to your clients.

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Hiring & Onboarding

Speed up hiring and onboarding tasks with TargetRecruit. We help you get successful applicants on-boarded and ready to start work as quickly as possible. Every company’s hiring and onboarding process is different, but we’ll help configure our apps to support your specific needs.

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Hiring & OnboardingX

The process of hiring, interviewing and onboarding is often time-consuming and frustrating for recruiters and clients. Eliminate the piles of paperwork and endless follow up calls by streamlining your processes on one, integrated platform.

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Reporting & Analytics

Generate quality automated reporting & analytics. TargetRecruit’s fully-customizable reporting system and dashboards will provide invaluable insight into your business. This increased visibility will help you make better business decisions and support your clients to do the same, helping you secure your position as a trusted partner and advisor.

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Reporting & AnalyticsX

Our reporting and analytics tools generate business critical reports for staffing companies and their clients. Each user gets a customizable dashboard that enables visibility into their personal workflow, connecting with outlook and gmail for ease of use and better project management. Companies can customize and create rules that enable them to set up their reporting functionality the way they need it to work for their business.

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Mobile & Social Apps

Offer unique mobile & social apps to your clients & candidates. TargetRecruit allows candidates to apply for multiple jobs at your staffing company at any time, via an easy-to-use mobile app. We send job alerts directly to candidates’ phones, increasing the response rate and speeding up the process of collecting qualified and available candidates.

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Mobile & Social AppsX

TargetRecruit’s unique mobile and social apps for candidates, clients and your internal team will help speed up the recruitment process by allowing instant access to the TargetRecruit ecosystem at any time, on any device. These apps are also available for you to white label if you wish!

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