TargetRecruit vs. Other Cloud Recruiting Systems

TargetRecruit simply can’t be matched by other cloud recruiting systems because of its customization options, integration capabilities and real-time availability. TargetRecruit is built on, the most powerful and widely used cloud based CRM in the world so you can grow and manage your entire business on one, centralized platform.  Not only that, allows you to automate and extend your business in the cloud with sales and marketing, mobile, social media applications and tools, and  integrates with existing systems.  See how TargetRecruit and other cloud recruiting systems compare:

Non Systems
Features Benefits Non-Salesforce TargetRecruit
Platform Built on, the most powerful, scalable and secure web platform in the world cross right
Cloud-based Accessible from any computer or mobile device cross right
Integration Easy to integrate data from existing systems cross right
AppExchange 1200+ add-on applications to suit your business needs cross right
Customizable Easily configurable to fit unique recruiting and business process requirements Maybe – hard coded,very expensive right
Templates Easy to create custom reports and email templates cross right
Workflows and
Create customized workflows and notifications to map workflows cross right
User Profiles Adjustable visibility for each user based on specific criteria cross right
Extendible Add additional business units to manage everything in one, centralized system cross right
Audit trail of
every action
Manage and track every action in the system cross right
Tracking Track history of data changes for each element cross right
Portals Create portals for candidates, vendors and clients cross right
Accounting Integration integrates with existing accounting software to easily capture data for tracking purposes cross right
Timesheet Integration Integrates with existing software to provide better tracking and more accurate data cross right
Management System
Single Step Credentials Management module greatly increasing healthcare staffing efficiency cross right

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Try TargetRecruit for 30 Days to Boost Your Staffing Efficiency

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