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Life could be so dull without technology, fun and funds! This is the fact! Can technology lead to fun and fund? Yeah, it can! Let me come to the point! I am talking about the competent, quick and smart staffing solution that can add value and proficiency to your smart and competent recruitment staffs for Read More

Although recruiting and staffing are often fused into one, these technologies are important to properly run the business for different reasons. These are two areas that play crucial roles in helping recruiting agencies and hiring management to find the best talent efficiently and keep the process running seamlessly. All About Staffing Software and its Applications Read More

In the US, over half of the working population is dissatisfied with their job. People are quite often dissatisfied with salaries, wages, or benefits. For whatever reason, their current job doesn’t correspond to their values or aspirations, so they’re open to new opportunities. In Europe, the statistics are generally better but vary by country. No Read More

Staffing firms typically contact TargetRecruit with several specific goals and a list of high level requirements as they evaluate Applicant Tracking Systems. These requirements vary for every staffing company, in fact, no two staffing company’s requirements are exactly alike. The ultimate objective, however, is always the same: “Increase our staffing company’s sophistication as an enterprise Read More

An Applicant Tracking System (ATS) is no more a luxury for staffing companies but it has become an imperative system for proper functioning. It works in conjunction with online job application to monitor and manage applicants for your online jobs. It is an application which enables end to end electronic handling of staffing and recruitment Read More

Timesheet Billing & Invoicing module is a workflow-driven project billing solution that automates project financial reporting, invoicing; connects your sales, project delivery, financial systems and teams. Do you often ask? Are we accounting for all project billing? Can we bill faster and more accurately? How can we automate our project revenue recognition policy? Can I Read More

Life is going to be tougher with the changing dynamics of day-to-day needs and hassle of everyday lifestyle. So is the scenario of professional liabilities and working conditions. With the changing needs and ecosystem of various industries, new tools and technologies have stepped in for simplifying the work process. Staffing industry is no more exception Read More

Healthcare Staffing is big business with big challenges and evaluating an enterprise technology solution that will position a staffing firm to stay competitive and mitigate risk may be one of the most important decisions at the executive level. In an industry like healthcare staffing, a high level of automation is key to finding quality candidates Read More

In March 2016, 252,000 new temporary/contract positions were posted in the US. This is an increase of 19% in temporary job postings since the same time a year ago.. One might think that since these jobs are not permanent, they are not as helpful to the economy. However, these temporary jobs offer great opportunities to Read More

When you purchase a gadget like a smartphone, tablet or even GPS, you likely change at least some of the factory settings. You change ringtones, customize alerts, etc., to suit your preferences and needs. So, why is it that most people don’t bother to make these same customization to software? Specifically, enterprise software solutions? When you are searching Read More

Talent management is about attracting, developing and rewarding & retaining talent. The first crucial step is to attract talent. This is best done through applicant tracking and recruitment activities, which can include social media, attending conferences, holding recruitment events, etc. This first step is going to become more and more important as the recruiting industry Read More

Be fast in spotting rare talent New age recruiters should be highly aggressive in spotting talents in an individual. They should simultaneously be highly skilled in using the internet and searching for candidates on multiple social networks, job portals and even blogs. Today’s recruitment trend depends a lot around what’s happening in the economy and the Read More

  Talent retention and acquisition is increasingly becoming popular in organizations. Companies to ensure that the best talent acquisition happens insist on using employee referral programme to poach the best talent available. However many internal employees are of just one perception, does it always really work. However the trend happening in companies is that employee referrals are preferred Read More

Quality of hire is directly interlinked to the measure of how well a new person meets the performance needs of the job. The performance management process of the job and the candidate involvement is very crucial here. When should you measure quality of hire? Try measuring your quality of hire in 3 interval stages mainly: Before, During Read More

For a few years, sites like Mapquest were at the forefront of online mapping tools, but as Google became larger and more capable of maintaining Google Maps and Google Earth, it was clear that this style of technology and this level of accessibility needed to be expanded.  Data analytics, when applied to mapping and geographic information, Read More