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Timesheet Billing & Invoicing module is a workflow-driven project billing solution that automates project financial reporting, invoicing; connects your sales, project delivery, financial systems and teams. Do you often ask? Are we accounting for all project billing? Can we bill faster and more accurately? How can we automate our project revenue recognition policy? Can I Read More

  Talent retention and acquisition is increasingly becoming popular in organizations. Companies to ensure that the best talent acquisition happens insist on using employee referral programme to poach the best talent available. However many internal employees are of just one perception, does it always really work. However the trend happening in companies is that employee referrals are preferred Read More

Quality of hire is directly interlinked to the measure of how well a new person meets the performance needs of the job. The performance management process of the job and the candidate involvement is very crucial here. When should you measure quality of hire? Try measuring your quality of hire in 3 interval stages mainly: Before, During Read More

For a few years, sites like Mapquest were at the forefront of online mapping tools, but as Google became larger and more capable of maintaining Google Maps and Google Earth, it was clear that this style of technology and this level of accessibility needed to be expanded.  Data analytics, when applied to mapping and geographic information, Read More

There are 3 major reasons why  payroll integration is not just a good idea, but a good business practice. The integration of major processes (payroll management) and applications (payroll processing) into a staffing company’s online recruiting platform began when the cloud made it extremely easy to do so. Most companies use a payroll provider like Read More

“Live chatting” still has an aura of “playtime” associated with it, even today when so many social platforms have been introduced.  But did you know that “chatting” in the workplace has a new term and is considered great for business? Yes, it’s now called ”real time collaboration”. Working Social is paying off in very big Read More

So, what’s in your Applicant Tracking System?  We’ve listed 5 “must-haves” when it comes to being equipped with the highest quality, most comprehensive Applicant Tracking System Technology.   Advanced candidate search functions: In a day and an age where searching (and easily finding) qualified candidates within your own database is just as important as the Read More

Specialization and the Art of Doing Business Specialization and the division of labor as a way of doing business have been around for a long time. The idea of production specialization led to the development of the first fully automated car assembly lines of the early 1900s, and the same concept was eventually applied to Read More

It is challenging to grow any business without access to informative reports and analytics, and not useful if you do have access, but have bad data or missing data. When businesses collect data, it is an opportunity to gain insight about how the business functions. And the best results come from a fully digital, end-to-end Read More

Whether you need to fill a position by a certain deadline, are not attracting the right type of candidates for specific positions or experience difficulty in moving candidates through the pre-hiring process, you will discover the many benefits of implementing an end-to-end platform solution. These types of issues require recruiters and HR professionals in every Read More

Anytime we do something well or are excited about something specific, we want to tell people about it—it’s a natural human reaction. It’s similar to finding the right talent and filling positions quickly as they are needed. Recruiting is in many ways a sales function. Not only does your timing have to be perfect, your Read More

The Mompreneur community is rapidly growing, specifically around women in tech, remote work and start ups. Reena Gupta, founder and CEO of TargetRecruit and Avankia, exemplifies the coined term Mompreneur, and has been actively involved in guiding women based on her own experience and accomplishments in her career and personal life. From her continuous efforts Read More

Many organizations still use manual or paper-based processes, which are slow, expensive, and error-prone, resulting in inefficient operations and compliance risks. Investing in digital healthcare operations reduces search time and costs while delighting candidates and improving security and compliance. For a healthcare staffing firm to succeed, connectivity is imperative to long-term growth and the ability Read More

There comes a point in time when a Recruiting Manager will have to sit down with an individual recruiter, or a team of recruiters and assess their strengths, weaknesses and areas of improvement in order to hit quotas and attain business goals.  We are presenting 4 Easy Ways to Improve Recruiter Performance. 1.  Data Support:  The Read More

Communicate and Engage In just the last few years, Mobile communication has become one of the most effective channels of conversation––particularly in the staffing and recruiting industry and it’s marketed sectors. Not just communication, but we see a skyrocketing trend in using mobile to access anything and everything through applications and the cloud. TargetRecruit’s platform Read More