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In our last post, We had a close look at Credentialing and what it entails. We also gained insight into how healthcare companies and providers manage this very important function in healthcare recruitment. Having understood why healthcare credential management is so crucial not only from a business perspective but also ensures there are no legal implications, the stage is Read More

Avankia the makers of TargetRecruit, a leading Workforce Management System and DBSync an Integration Platform for Salesforce, Financial, Healthcare and BI applications is gearing up for the biggest Cloud event on the planet, Dreamforce 2016. We are showcasing all that is new and happening and you are most welcome to take a sneak preview into Read More

Credentialing Review Credentialing, as discussed in the first blog of this series, is the process of gathering and verifying professional information about a prospective healthcare provider. This includes information such as education, licenses and professional designations, work experience and references as well as tracking professional disciplinary history. Credentialing helps to ensure patient safety by making Read More

What are Credentials and why is it so crucial in Healthcare Staffing. Let us take a look at Credentialing. What it means, what the process entails and the significant and crucial role Credentialing plays in Healthcare management. In today’s litigious society, even the smallest medical misstep can cost hundreds of thousands in legal and medical Read More

  Four strategies to implement as we face the War for Talent. This War for Talent has been blogged about and tweeted about ad nauseum and will continue to gain hype as the days and weeks go by, that is for certain.  Don’t get me wrong, it was a very well written and easy to Read More

What is cloud based ATS, and why choose it over traditional methods of organizing the hiring process? Because organizations in dynamic fields, particularly tech & start-ups, manage economic fluctuation, production teams are tasked with constant re-scaling. From month to month, practices need to be re-evaluated, work flows re-directed, and products and services the organization relies Read More

Life could be so dull without technology, fun and funds! This is the fact! Can technology lead to fun and fund? Yeah, it can! Let me come to the point! I am talking about the competent, quick and smart staffing solution that can add value and proficiency to your smart and competent recruitment staffs for Read More

Although recruiting and staffing are often fused into one, these technologies are important to properly run the business for different reasons. These are two areas that play crucial roles in helping recruiting agencies and hiring management to find the best talent efficiently and keep the process running seamlessly. All About Staffing Software and its Applications Read More

In the US, over half of the working population is dissatisfied with their job. People are quite often dissatisfied with salaries, wages, or benefits. For whatever reason, their current job doesn’t correspond to their values or aspirations, so they’re open to new opportunities. In Europe, the statistics are generally better but vary by country. No Read More

Staffing firms typically contact TargetRecruit with several specific goals and a list of high level requirements as they evaluate Applicant Tracking Systems. These requirements vary for every staffing company, in fact, no two staffing company’s requirements are exactly alike. The ultimate objective, however, is always the same: “Increase our staffing company’s sophistication as an enterprise Read More

An Applicant Tracking System (ATS) is no more a luxury for staffing companies but it has become an imperative system for proper functioning. It works in conjunction with online job application to monitor and manage applicants for your online jobs. It is an application which enables end to end electronic handling of staffing and recruitment Read More

Timesheet Billing & Invoicing module is a workflow-driven project billing solution that automates project financial reporting, invoicing; connects your sales, project delivery, financial systems and teams. Do you often ask? Are we accounting for all project billing? Can we bill faster and more accurately? How can we automate our project revenue recognition policy? Can I Read More

Life is going to be tougher with the changing dynamics of day-to-day needs and hassle of everyday lifestyle. So is the scenario of professional liabilities and working conditions. With the changing needs and ecosystem of various industries, new tools and technologies have stepped in for simplifying the work process. Staffing industry is no more exception Read More

Healthcare Staffing is big business with big challenges and evaluating an enterprise technology solution that will position a staffing firm to stay competitive and mitigate risk may be one of the most important decisions at the executive level. In an industry like healthcare staffing, a high level of automation is key to finding quality candidates Read More

In March 2016, 252,000 new temporary/contract positions were posted in the US. This is an increase of 19% in temporary job postings since the same time a year ago.. One might think that since these jobs are not permanent, they are not as helpful to the economy. However, these temporary jobs offer great opportunities to Read More