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Want to know where the recruitment and tech industry is headed? Attend the biggest cloud computing event of the year and have the chance to visit with TargetRecruit Executives and staff. Held October 13-16, 2014 at the San Francisco, CA Moscone Center and hosted by, Dreamforce has been named the world’s most innovative company Read More

Applicant tracking system is no more a new concept, but leveraging its usabilities is! It is the backbone of any staffing and recruiting company. The capabilities of a great ATS solution are much wider than just having a place to store resumes and contact details. This system should be utilized as a tool to acquire Read More

HR practitioners are more interested in current and future employees, which can only be mined by appropriate HR technology. Data mining and HR technology have helped companies to have easy and quick access to some real talents. It has allowed businesses seriously consider hiring their best employees using the most appropriate and effective HR tools. Read More

Applicant tracking system is not only the backbone of large recruiting firms but it can also become an intuitive and smart tool reducing their recruiting system manifolds. Large-scale recruiting firms are already yielding the widely known benefits of applicant tracking system (ATS) and have been handling a huge influx of applicants, monitoring recruiters’ interaction with Read More

Nowadays in the well connected world, job seekers are more interested in following different strategies for searching jobs. The internet is the key, which has gone mobile these days due to the ubiquitousness of this device. It’s time now for the recruiters and companies to realize this aspect and engage with this trend to outreach Read More

Applicant Tracking System has now become most critical tool for any staffing agency that can make or mar its functioning in diverse ways! Now-a-days clients require tools that can deliver quicker time in searching better candidates and faster placements, enabling their clients to complete the staffing process more effectively. Whether you’re a hiring executive or Read More

The answer is simply yes! It has been deem as the next generation recruitment tool. Mobile apps offer an affordable and user-friendly method to ensure that potential job seeker gets their dream employment opportunity just by browsing their smart phones. There are umpteen benefits of mobile apps. It saves time, no physical restriction to access the Read More

With the dynamism that each industry is turning to and the paradigm shift in customer demand and needs, it becomes imperative to automate the applicant tracking system. Every recruitment agency has its own set of unique business needs that a customized ATS can fulfill. Albeit, the ultimate objective remains same – Increase in productivity by Read More

Zeroing in to the most appropriate recruitment solution that can cater to all the needs of your organization can be a daunting task. There are myriads of service providers claiming to offer most lucrative and advanced ATS system to expedite your recruitment process manifolds. Things to Look for:  Prior to opting for best recruitment solution Read More

An Applicant Tracking System (ATS) is no more a luxury for staffing companies but it has become an imperative system for proper functioning. It works in conjunction with online job application to monitor and manage applicants for your online jobs. It is an application which enables end to end electronic handling of staffing and recruitment Read More

Life is going to be tougher with the changing dynamics of day-to-day needs and hassle of everyday lifestyle. So is the scenario of professional liabilities and working conditions. With the changing needs and ecosystem of various industries, new tools and technologies have stepped in for simplifying the work process. Staffing industry is no more exception Read More

Now-a-days organizations working in different vertical, especially technology and startups, are bearing the brunt of economic fluctuation! This has forced the production teams of these firms to redefine their workflows, re-design their IT solutions and constantly assess these IT solutions for its cost-effectiveness and efficiency. All these needs have engineered the automation of entire hiring Read More

The staffing industry has been witnessing a huge surge over the last few years due to a variety of innovative technology and automation initiatives in the industry. Staffing Industry Analysts predict that relevant technology choices and effective adoption practices are key to the success of staffing firms over the next five years. Let’s take an Read More

Uniqueness is what we all crave for! Every individual has its own set of preferences, choices and tastes, so are businesses! Every business has a different set of rules, services, products, way of functioning, guidelines and unique development phases and even their objectives. Have you ever considered some unique software that can be completely customized Read More

Life could be so dull without technology, fun and funds! This is the fact! Can technology lead to fun and fund? Yeah, it can! Let me come to the point! I am talking about the competent, quick and smart staffing solution that can add value and proficiency to your smart and competent recruitment staffs for Read More