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Why Choose Automated Staffing & Scheduling In Healthcare?

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Why Choose Automated Staffing & Scheduling In Healthcare?

A guide to optimize your workforce and explore newer and high-tech staffing deployment to thrive in today’s uncertain healthcare environment.

The Healthcare Industry is reeling under a major paradigm shift from conventional approach of treating illness to the newer strategies that calls for overall wellness. The core of healthcare services is improving patient care while retaining an edge in a dynamic and increasingly demanding industry. This has encouraged the organizations to search for ways to reduce operating costs and accelerate shrinking profit margins. It’s time to expand beyond the healthcare consumers to promote the overall health and well-being of the healthcare workforce.

Staffing is the single greatest expense the healthcare industry faces that consist of almost 50 to 60 percent of the operating costs. This has to be reduced prominently to improve budget and quality care.

Despite the significance of optimally utilizing the workforce, several health systems have not reconsidered their staffing and scheduling policies, methods and procedures. To the utmost surprise more than 45% of US hospitals still rely on manual employee staffing*.

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