Drive A Social Community to Stay Connected and Competitive

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Anytime we do something well or are excited about something specific, we want to tell people about it—it’s a natural human reaction. It’s similar to finding the right talent and filling positions quickly as they are needed. Recruiting is in many ways a sales function. Not only does your timing have to be perfect, your message relevant and your ‘product’ flawless, but you have to make use of every possible medium from which you can source the perfect candidates.

Social media is one a global platform that could really help recruitment agencies reach their utmost potential. Here’s some tips and tricks for attracting the right candidates on the social media challenge.

A modern, updated career site can help your business attract top talent. To really grab the attention of better job candidates, you have to show off your updated site and fully promote your open positions. You’re not only growing your SEO for search credibility, but also getting the brand out that’s attached to the job position. Furthermore, having your post available on one central location with sharable links to other social platforms makes it easy for you and anyone else who would like to refer the position to share across their network and colleagues. Of course the most common are the ones the everyday person already spends a majority of their time on, such as Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook, Google+, etc.

You want to be louder and more enthusiastic with your hiring approach compared to your competition. Don’t forget to post to hundred of job boards and social channels that have their own methods of posting directly to their site. With a combination of possibilities out there and only so much time to spend on such a tedious process, you can leverage cloud technology to help cut down manual time and increase your chances of the most qualified job seekers to find your job posting.

TargetRecruit makes it simple to post, manage and track Jobs. Within our system, we make it easy to get the open positions out there to the most qualified candidates as easily as possible so you can focus your time on other urgent tasks. With all your data captured in the system, sharing is as easy as a few clicks (or taps if you’re using a mobile device to get the word out).

Take it a step further with TargetRecruit. You can not only post and promote to attract your candidates, but you can capture all the job applicants’ information from the information they are required to fill out and automatically parse the resume into a record within TargetRecruit. Once the candidates information is in the system, easily stay connected with them and informed. Move them through the qualifying, interviewing and placement stages quickly, avoiding manual data entry, follows ups and extra time spent on background checks and paperwork handling.

By using a cloud tool to help you in the early stages of sourcing and attracting qualified candidates for your positions, you’ll be sure to place long-term candidates more quickly than any competitor.

To learn more about promoting and attracting the right candidates to your jobs through social channels, contact us for a free demo.