Recruiting Trends

Use Social Media to Research the Right Candidates

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Most companies are leveraging the benefits of social media by implementing social recruitment strategies to source quality candidates for open positions. Per a recent survey, businesses who have relied on social platforms to source and hire saw a steady increase in hiring quality candidates from a rate of 39 percent to 52 percent within two years. These platforms––like LinkedIn, Twitter, and Facebook––provide a variety of tools to attract candidates and obtain information about them that may not be available in their application. Here’s an overview of how to determine whether or not your targeted candidates are leaving a positive impression on social media.

Pass the Profile Test
When looking at interested candidates’ profiles, study their activities to determine what kind of person they present themselves to be socially. Their social behaviors could give you a better idea of how they may interact amongst other staff or what they are most interested in. Are there any red flags that would make you second guess their recreational activities or what they do in their spare time? Did the candidate publish any detailed or personal information? What kind of pictures have they posted? Do they have a lot of friends? What’s their academic success look like? Trying to understand who they appear to be on social media could reflect the type of person they are generally in person.

Social Presence
Sometimes scanning through a resume may not give the right insight to a candidate you’re looking for. What if you’re interested to know about their qualifications and skill sets, or past experience without having to begin the interview process to ask directly? See first hand if they interact on their social profiles with communication or activity around trending topics that could relate to the job and their skills. Maybe you’re looking for a candidate with years of sales experience and the one you’re targeting participates in community groups around sales or engages in conversation around trending sales topics? A balance of both personal and business-savvy is surely the ideal candidate.

It’s not just about what you know, or what you say you know, but who you know. Are your targets frequently engaged with others online? If they have endorsements or recommendations, can you see who has made a contribution in their favor?

As a recap, you should consider the following points when targeting your next potential hire:

  • They have an Ideal personality
  • They are who they say they are
  • They have a professional image and presence
  • They have a variety of interests
  • They have great communication skills
  • They are creative
  • They share stellar accomplishments
  • They have a large following
  • They engage with different people, both personally and professionally