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Top 5 Recruiting Challenges to Overcome

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Recruiting chalenges
Whether you need to fill a position by a certain deadline, are not attracting the right type of candidates for specific positions or experience difficulty in moving candidates through the pre-hiring process, you will discover the many benefits of implementing an end-to-end platform solution. These types of issues require recruiters and HR professionals to adopt to new solutions and strategies to improve the entire process––from sourcing to placing. If you missed our webinar revealing the solutions to the top five challenges in recruiting, here’s a quick overview of the common challenges and how TargetRecruit can support these solutions.

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Challenge 1: Need to Source and Hire Quickly

Problem: The need to fill multiple positions faster, data entry and competition
Solution: Examine cloud-based tools to help automate and manage the volume at a quicker pace

Recruiters need to make a quick hire as soon as a position is available. There’s a sense of urgency for the need of that position, how relevant the hire is to current business operations, and the cost incurred on each candidate. The competition is heating up and while there is great talent available, companies are looking to hire multiple positions at once, and need the right support to not only fill them quickly, but ensure candidates match the criteria a the long-term hire.

With a cloud-based candidate relationship management tool, automate and manage your candidates from end to end––starting with sourcing and quickly pushing them through each stage of the process more quickly and efficiently. Utilize social media and job broadcasting functionalities to promote positions through multiple channels and then manage the responses down to every detail.

Challenge 2: Not Enough Resources

Problem: Not enough resources to work with
Solution: Connect to various platforms directly

One benefit to using a recruitment tool is to cut costs in the long run by eliminating unnecessary and enduring manual work. Additionally, you don’t have to hire on more resources to manage the workload. Invest in a talent management tool to keep all your information and processes centralized in one tool and use the built-in or integrated features to perform all the tasks you need without juggling between multiple systems, doing extensive manual work or increasing spend to get ahead.

Challenge 3: Unable to Find the Perfect Candidate for a Position

Problem: Not receiving candidates with strong backgrounds or skill sets
Solution: Open to train and educate, not just hire to fill

There needs to be a balance between hiring someone for a position versus hiring someone that’s a great, all-around candidate. HR professionals need to get out of the mindset of hiring for a position rather than assembling superstar talent. Be open to training and educating talented workers so they can acquire needed skills. If they are “superstar talented” they can adapt and be a better fit for someone who may only have strong skill set and more difficult to seek out.

Challenge 4: Understand and Use Analytics Effectively

Problem: Not receiving candidates with strong backgrounds or skill sets
Solution: Collect various data points in one system

One of the many added benefits to using a talent management tool, such as one built on Salesforce., is set to not only help you streamline processes, but take the data that’s inputted in the system and have infinite combinations to analyzing the data. It is common to have multiple locations to extract the data from, but the right solution is to centralize it all in one place so it can be organized in a way that you can analyze the information effectively. Understanding your data is key.

Challenge 5: Find Candidates to Fit Company Culture

Problem: Find candidate who can work as a team
Solution: Properly educate and position the company culture to attract candidates who embody those same core values

For long-term hire, you need to source the right candidate who not only has the skills to match the position, but the will fit well within the company environment and alongside the team. Describe the company culture just as clearly as the job description so job seekers can paint a good picture about type of position they may apply for and also what type of company they’ll represent. A tool that can pick up keywords about a candidate and auto-match and assess them thoroughly will support the search for the right candidate for both the position and company extremely well.

You may find some or all of these challenges common in your own hiring processes. To learn more about how TargetRecruit can help support the solutions given, please reach out to us for more information––our team of experts are happy to guide you in the right direction to learn how to use a cloud-based platform to streamline your hiring.