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The Digital Future of Healthcare Staffing: 5 Solutions to Improve Hiring and Retention

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Many organizations still use manual or paper-based processes, which are slow, expensive, and error-prone, resulting in inefficient operations and compliance risks. Investing in digital healthcare operations reduces search time and costs while delighting candidates and improving security and compliance.

For a healthcare staffing firm to succeed, connectivity is imperative to long-term growth and the ability to manage their entire business operations through a real-time, data driven approach.

Take a look at the latest partner brief with e-signature solution provider, DocuSign, and healthcare staffing client, MedPro Staffing. As a collaborative effort, we highlight why healthcare organizations need to create a fully digital enterprise where all parties – patients, providers, partners, payers, and vendors – and the systems they use are connected.

When you push towards a fully digital operation, you will see a faster attraction and turnaround in securing talent, improved compliance and cost reduction. Together, DocuSign, MedPro Staffing and TargetRecruit compiled a list of the top 5 healthcare staffing use cases help guide companies in their digital investments:

A digital platform that integrates with other applications is key to not just tracking applicants, but capturing all the data to help you make better informed decisions and stay connected across every stage in your processes.

Offer Letters
incorporating a digital documentation process allows the passing of a document back and forth for review, signature and submission to be much smoother and error-free. Offer letters are a great example. The convenience of a digital interaction with an offer letter is crucial when candidates are making decisions and to secure talent sooner.

Having a digital system in place gives the opportunity to automate and expedite this process. “Credentialing is crucial to healthcare organizations. Digitizing the credentialing process saves time and alleviates audit concerns.” – Bill Inman, President, TargetRecruit

Move away from scattered data and maintain all contract details in one place with a digital platform. Not only will a digital platform help organize all the paperwork, you can setup automated notifications and alerts for expiration and follow up.

With a new hire comes multiple forms and documents to be reviewed and signed. Avoid the shuffle of paperwork and additional time spent on this process if you implement a fully digital onboarding system.

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