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Key Analytics and Reporting Features For Staffing Great Talent and Driving Business

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Companies that continue to leverage data to make business decisions are more likely to respond quickly to industry changes and continue to generate and increase revenue.

With the right integrated platform in place, companies should also gain the best analytic tools already integrated into the system. They key tools are designed to help improve processes across your business and gain insight at a quick glance.

“Integrate” really means the platform is a cloud-based, mobile and social, platform-as-a-service infrastructure, providing end-to-end features and functionalities (front–end and back-office). Utilizing this integrated tool will take all the information captured from different aspects of the business including other useful information that’s either automatically added or manually entered into the system to gain the most valuable insights all on one platform.

From the candidate nurturing perspective, you can analyze and report on candidate marketing campaign performance in real-time. End-to-end data shows how efficiently your processes perform and can leverage that data to make improvements. Furthermore, you can relate data to how many placements were made or what are the current profit margins, as some examples, Some staffing firms still work off manual processes, but if you implement an integrated platform into the mix, you’re business will outperform the competition––be on the cutting edge, be more organized and more responsive, and ultimately place and reach out to more in less time.

What kind of reporting tools are a must in your integrated staffing platform?

  • Data Quality – no matter if your data is automatically added into the system or manually entered, it should be organized and parsed as accurately as possible. Your reports depend on it.
  • Candidate Nurturing – From the time a candidate is sourced, track how quickly they move through each stage of the hiring process. Learn what steps need to be improved upon and where you’re saving time.
  • New Business Intelligence and Business Forecasting – who are your current and potential customers; how are you bringing them in? It’s absolutely crucial to know how to get ahold of this valuable information so you can see where you fall short and what’s making your business thrive.
  • Financials – Customizable dashboards allow you to look into profit margins, ratios and business operations.
  • Recruiter Performance – understand and analyze each recruiter’s performance from a high-level or dig deeper to understand how efficiently they are at sourcing candidates and filling positions by managing their activities within the system.

It’s important to have an integrated staffing platform that connects and streamlines your workflow and allows you to easily keep in touch with talent and your clients, but it’s just as important to understand the internal day-to-day processes, too. Make sure your staffing solution has the right reporting tools to help you (and your clients) drive business.

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