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4 Tips for Effective and Strategic Account Planning

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4 Tips for Effective and Strategic Account Planning

This is the third of the seven-course LearnBit series, outlining revenue generating top-tips to implement into your business.

Strategic account planning goes far beyond the initial contract signing. Account planning should be focused on strategic engagement and being interconnected; building a more collaborative and cooperative relationship with your clients and accounts. Consider the following 4 strategic account planning tips:

1. First, understand your customer’s strategy and what processes they have already implemented
2. Articulate common practices and tools with a clear vision derived on successful communication
3. Collaborate with your customer and become a trusted partner
4. Ask for and implement improvements; not just until it’s tied to the culture, but to corporate habit

In addition to your planning tactics, consider the right tools incorporate into your overall plan––both a cloud-based CRM and an ATS are equally important for management and execution. A combination of the two must have the intuitive ability to help strategize, drive, support and manage the entire sales process from cold call to close.

To get the details of each tip, view the white paper: 4 Tips for Effective and Strategic Account Planning