Pleasanton CEO Reena Gupta Honored for Achievements in Her Field

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The Mompreneur community is rapidly growing, specifically around women in tech, remote work and start ups. Reena Gupta, founder and CEO of TargetRecruit and Avankia, exemplifies the coined term Mompreneur, and has been actively involved in guiding women based on her own experience and accomplishments in her career and personal life.

From her continuous efforts in these areas, she was selected for an upcoming feature by the Women of Distinction, a New York-based magazine, which focuses on publishing articles on women who are pioneers, disruptors or visionaries in their industries.

“I feel it is an accomplishment to be selected,” she said. “At the same time, I would like readers to understand that it is not difficult to do, it just takes hard work, determination and most of all, time management.”

The City of Pleasanton has highlighted her feature in their community publication, The Pleasanton Weekly. Pleasanton, CA is the community which Gupta currently resides in, and is a growing hub of talent management and nestled right outside Silicon Valley where startups are highly influenced and successful.

For more on this Mompreneur movement and community, and additional involvement from Reena Gupta, stay tuned for the upcoming feature in Women of Distinction and news announcement.