The Growing Number of Mobile Job Seekers

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Nowadays in the well connected world, job seekers are more interested in following different strategies for searching jobs. The internet is the key, which has gone mobile these days due to the ubiquitousness of this device.

It’s time now for the recruiters and companies to realize this aspect and engage with this trend to outreach as many prospective job seekers as possible. Although, mobile adoption for career websites and other job seeking devices has been slow, but it is rapidly increasing – companies cannot stay behind.

Job Seekers Behavior on Mobile

Most of job seekers range between the age-brackets of 18 to 25 that use mobile devices to search for jobs. As per estimation nearly 83 percent of active prospects rely on their mobile devices at some point during their search for jobs. Nonetheless, the significance of mobile job site is well known in the recruiting industry, but merely 20% of staffing companies are having a mobile career page. Almost one billion job searches across the globe are completed every month on a mobile device. Recruiting companies cannot avoid this truth.

Why do Prospects Use Mobile?

It is quite evident that people opt to use their smart phones because they are easily accessible and can find jobs at any time and in any place. 64% of job seekers rely on their smart phones for this cause.

Accommodating with user behavior and making it easier to apply using a mobile device may be the next big change companies should be witnessing these days. Adapting to this change will almost certainly make them stand out as mobile-friendly in a landscape that isn’t quite there yet altogether.

Best Practices to Find Jobs Using Mobile Job Apps

There are variety of options and settings to use the job search process. Top best practices for candidates searching jobs using Mobile Apps, help them take benefits of these potentials. These practices include setting up job alerts, saving search criteria and leveraging sharing options on mobile device. These are some great ways to find jobs and develop network on mobile. Staffing solution providing vendors are also offering multiple facilities to the staffing industry to reach out wider range of job seekers.


With the increasing mobile traffic, getting serious about mobile functionality for job seekers can offer a company an edge over others and bring more candidates than ever before. It’s time now to make your job portals and websites mobile-friendly and responsive to the changing trend in job searches.