Primary Reason To Go Mobile Now More Than Ever With Google’s Mobile Search Algorithm Update

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Mobile ImageMobile recruiting is becoming one of the most effective channels of conversation, particularly in the staffing and recruiting industry and it’s marketed sectors. Google’s newly updated algorithm aims at significantly changing the mobile search results to give preference to mobile-ready websites over non-mobile-ready websites. Simply put when using Google, if you search for “salesforce applicant tracking system” as an example, those with mobile-friendly websites will be placed to the top, based on the new release from Google, and those without a mobile-friendly site will likely not appear at all.

Mobile Optimization is Imperative

Google has declared two vital changes: It will give priority to responsive (mobile-friendly) websites in search results and promote more app content in search results when users sign in.

Considering these changes, mobile-friendliness has become a key ranking factor for business websites. The following criteria will determine how a website’s responsiveness is determined:

Software like Flash (also not used in mobile devices) will not be considered
Legible content without zooming in, or flipping the device vertically/horizontally
No need to adjust or scroll the page outside of the standard size page layout
Links should be easy to tap

Are you sure your website fulfils all the above guidelines to make it mobile-friendly to Google’s new standards? Be sure to test your website on any mobile device by following the above points.

How Will Staffing Companies Be Affected?

The staffing and recruiting industry, like any other industry, will too experience the heat of this change. Based on recent studied, more than 83 percent of job seekers search jobs on mobile devices. Recruiters will have to ensure their job pages are optimized or they may lose a big chunk of aspiring candidates. Google’s objective is to offer the most suitable and quality searches with best results, and it cannot avoid the mobile trend to search.


By optimizing your website to Google’s latest mobile-friendly standards, career websites must ensure that jobseekers will not face any challenges finding what they’re ideally looking for, irrespective of the type of interface they use. No doubt, optimizing will make it easier for jobseekers to zero in to the best position on a smart phone. As Google has plans to penalize companies that don’t have responsive websites, it has now become necessary for recruiters to go mobile-friendly.