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How to Utilize Your Applicant Tracking System to its Optimum

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Applicant tracking system is no more a new concept, but leveraging its usabilities is! It is the backbone of any staffing and recruiting company. The capabilities of a great ATS solution are much wider than just having a place to store resumes and contact details. This system should be utilized as a tool to acquire and develop customer relation. It must be used by the staffing companies to create and sustain relationships rather than putting it in use as an information repository. Some applicant tracking systems may consider this feature out of the box, but it’s the staffing agency that can use it with this concept in mind to gain maximum value of this tool.

Understanding the Features of your ATS

Being staffing professionals, you can use ATS/CRM system to acquire core information, which may not work if you are not fully aware of the functionalities your ATS contains. It may include retrieving data of various candidates i.e. personal details, area, skill sets and many more, along with the status of their application. All these information are very vital to understand, specifically status. In addition, there is other crucial data applicant tracking systems can offer like, professionals, from colleagues’ comments to interview notes. All these capabilities, if utilized properly, makes your search for the perfect candidate easier, to fill a contract. In contrast, inability to facilitate the available data can turn this task tiring.

Customize Your Approach with Data

Utilizing the information extracted from the ATS can help you generate a short list of candidates you would like to approach for a specific job. After this task is over, it’s time to ascertain how to contact and what to inform. If the potential candidate would reply to email, pick the phone call or respond to SMS can be ascertained by the information about past contacts available in the ATS itself. This can help you make the right selection of mode of communication with the candidate. What to communicate will entirely be based on the candidates’ past experience and current position. It will also depend on what the client wants, which your CMS (ATS) should wisely predict simultaneously. This is how each piece of information extracted from your ATS is vital and useful; you just need to utilize it prudently and on right time.

Exploring your ATS

Handing an ATS for staffing is a process that staffing professionals can enhance over time. Just use the information and stats like total time to hire, right mode to contact candidates, placements per recruiter and host of others. All these can enable you understand what will work and how to utilize it to its optimum, resulting in 100% success in your functioning.