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Is Shift Management Your Need – TargetRecruit is the Remedy

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One of the prominent features that is identified in the market today is Shift Management. Given the current shifting nature of jobs available in global arena, shift management is the most desired feature to rejoice!

Recruiting Business Development

In several industry segments there are jobs requiring staffs to work in rotating shifts. Our shift management feature proves to be very helpful as it can automatically match the available talents for particular shift timings along with desired skill sets.

Recruiting Online Through Shift Management

So it’s time to woo those clients who are seeking employees to work on shifts. This shift management feature acts as recruitment business development tool by enabling you to source candidates with particular skill sets and availability to work on given shifts.

Core Capabilities

• Manage multiple shift requirements for a specific job
• Automatically displays best matching candidates for jobs with particular shift requirements
• A one step procedure for deploying various candidates to open shifts
• Checking for candidate availability for particular shift timings
• Maps multiple job opportunities to available candidates
• Automatically fills the stages of open shifts in a specific workflow pattern
• Reporting of the candidate mapping system and shift timings
• Apparent indicators for shift phases to easily organize the data


There are several industry segments where there is need of multiple candidates for the same job to work in various shifts to provide 24/7 service needs and Healthcare industry is the most popular segment seeking medical staff to work 24/7. This feature of TargetRecruit, talent mapping could make their work easier and more effective to freeze these job openings. Get this Salesforce staffing and recruitment software and reap the dividends.