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A Phone Call Gives a Personal Experience to the Candidates

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In a recent survey it has been discovered that the potential candidates are more interested in receiving phone call from the recruiters. Several candidates said they waited for a phone call from the recruiter to actually get involved in the recruitment process.

Shifting Preferences

The trend and perceptions of candidates are also changing. They seemingly expect a personalized experience that substantiates who they are and what they expect. Candidates are also interested to understand about the company they are expecting to join. The survey said 86% look at employers’ websites to get information about a position, and out of them 36% claimed they did not find the necessary information. Very few less than half of candidates rely on peer recommendations to search out about a prospective employer.

Managing Candidate Preferences

This survey says that candidates are in high expectations and are quite conversant with the latest technology – but still prefer conventional way to contacting recruiters and hiring managers. This piece of information is very important for the recruiters. Organizations must analyze their talent acquisition planning and strategy, and customize job seekers’ experiences driven by their personalized preferences.

Using Technology

This also says that recruiters and organization should be accustomed with the latest tools and technologies used in recruiting, specifically when it comes to developing a careers website that you want to be interactive and informative. Candidates are more involved and interested in personal interactions that should take place in person, and 72% candidates prefer to interact over the phone.

It is also important to note that kind of personalized experience candidates prefer would also need technology. Deploying the right applicant tracking system can be of help for the recruiters to foster a personal bonding with each candidate from the very initial point of contact onward. To have a place to retain data and information about candidates’ preferences would enable the recruiters to personally meet them, and a clear picture of selecting the right candidate may lead naturally to a more personalized experience.


Having the right recruiting systems based on customer relationship management software is the option that can offer these functions and features and can help recruiters to stay on top of shifting preferences from the candidates.