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Nurturing Diversity Recruitment Through An Applicant Tracking System

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A diverse workforce has been trending for years. It’s one thing to acknowledge that diversity adds value to any business within various market segments –– whether it be in hospitality, IT or even staffing and recruitment. To tap into and retain a diverse pool of top talent, consider the following methods:

• Establish networks with minority colleges
• Tap into well-known websites where resumes of diverse individuals can be found
• Seek out corporate internship and scholarship postings
• Connect with job fairs in minority communities
• Develop partnerships with minority organizations

Diverse Service Demand

Suppose you are working in a restaurant. There is huge crowd of customers. The tickets roll in endlessly. You cannot turn your back to this situation, as every order is associated with one or more customers with specific demands which need to be fulfilled within a stipulated time limit. Now it’s entirely your ability to address the need of every customer as it can determine whether your restaurant succeeds or not.

Dynamic Demand

Yet another example – suppose you own a pizzeria, and your customers want pies with different range of high-end ingredients. But you’re not able to meet the demand and you keep sending out plain cheese pizza. It can adversely impact your overall business. Even if you could manage to prepare some pizzas with choice toppings but it get left on the cooling rack and degraded in quality. The reason of such illustrations is to understand the issue of diversity in today’s worldwide market.

Staffing Software Supports Diversity

Today’s staffing agencies require such an applicant tracking systems that is not limited to bare minimum functionality. It must have the one-touch search simplicity enabling you to source talent through the internet by exploiting profiles on search engines like Google, Yahoo and Bing. It can also track social networks, like LinkedIn and Facebook. Such tool can get a more comprehensive view of who each candidate is, in order to settle them with the right company as per their potential, skill and experience. This is what the demand is for every industry and quality staffing software solution can be the answer.