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Learning Potential Skills of Candidate to Recruit the Top Talents from Your ATS

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Finding the right talent means searching out a candidate whose skills, work history and personality attributes delineates well with the company. There are several recruiters in the field who believe personality is very important – even more than some skills, in which the candidate can be trained. It is quite tough to change a person’s character and general way of behavior. Because of this reason, recruiters need to explore and probe about who the actual candidate they would like to learn about his or her work history and skills for a specific position.

Changing Role of Recruiters

The coming generation is very much concerned with their work-life balance issues and the trend and culture at their work employment. The recruiters now need to find out ahead of time if in a particular job somewhere a particular candidate can fit in and they must be able to decide if a potential staff is the person that can fit into the role within a particular company.

Traits of Potential Candidate to Look for

It is time to look for certain traits that includes realism, confidence, and some level of openness to risk and new responsibilities. The recruiters also need to decide what kinds of people really survive at their own companies. It may vary by industry and even by office location and work culture. Having an idea of who top performers can help recruiters decide which personality attributes are most necessary for new hires to possess. They should invest some time on this process and develop a firm notion what to look for in any potential candidate.

How Applicant Tracking System can Help

The way to understand a candidate needs building a relationship. There are applicant tracking system, which are designed based on customer relationship management software and can help recruiters complete this necessary task and stay connected with their prospects and candidates for long. It keeps them connected through social networks and mobile apps. These systems help communication with candidates starting from initial contact through the interview and beyond that also. It keeps recruiters updated about the candidates and help them zero in the right candidate based on their skill sets and work history for a future position. They also allow recruiters to share information within the company, such as how the candidate behaved on phone or in-person interview. Great communication practices and internal interaction can help staffing professionals get the wider possible picture of a candidate – including the overall traits – using such applicant tracking system and other source of interactions.