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@Booth18:TargetRecruit a Tech Sponsor-SIA 2012 Executive Forum

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I’ve experienced a good many trade shows in my day.  If you’ve attended or been involved in organizing a trade show as a professional you know that they can be extremely exhausting. It is challenging to maintain the kind of energy it takes to claim a “successful” trade show whether you’re an attendee planning your daily agenda or whether you’re a vendor or sponsor planning a smart trade show strategy.

Our TargetRecruit team has been really busy gearing up for the Staffing Industry Analysts 2012 Executive Forum in Las Vegas March 13th-16th. We’ll be a sponsor of Tech Day(s) on Thursday and Friday: @Booth 18!

The really neat thing about this event, from a sponsor’s point of view, is that through the beauty of technological communications (and a really cool application called Zerista) we’ve been able to connect with attendees and partners in advance so that everyone involved can maximize their time.  What a concept! I’m a lover of communication tools so anytime I find a tool that will help me plan to be successful rather than leaving it up to chance is what I call a super-find.

We wanted to make sure that our experience is just as rewarding as attendees because inevitably, our enjoyment will shine through as we communicate TargetRecruit’s value proposition to the staffing and recruiting industry.

TargetRecruit, in the opinion of our clients and partners, is the most comprehensive and easy to use Applicant Tracking System on the market today.

And because it is built on the platform it is the best of breed cloud based CRM.  And now, the staffing industry has both an Applicant Tracking System and CRM in ONE.

Over the past few months, I have been interviewing just about everyone on the staffing industry food chain including CEOs,  independent recruiters, Recruiting Managers and VPs of Human Resources.  One thing is true: Adoption of Recruitment Software is the key element to whether or not it will be successful to the enterprise.  If recruiters aren’t using the system effectively or maximizing its potential, it is of little value. Even if a system claims a “robust reporting” feature, it is no good if the data is not entered into the system correctly by the end-user.

So, we’d like to encourage attendees at the Executive Forum to download the FREE 30 Day Trial of TargetRecruit. It caters to the front end needs of recruiters, back office needs of accounting and finance, supports sales and marketing with all the tools they could ever need from’s application marketplace and it’s all housed in ONE system.

If you’ll be at the event, come on by TargetRecruit’s Booth #18. Come for the candy if you must or come to win one of several gift cards that we’ll be raffling-off in true trade show fashion. But realize that once you leave Booth #18, you’ll understand why TargetRecruit is the fastest growing Recruitment Software in the industry.

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