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Applicant Tracking System – Is it Worthwhile for Staffing Companies

Enterprise are finding ways to gain candidate information to avoid duplication of various IT recruiting firms, history of the candidate and to generate a repository of resumes. This avoids paying placement fees to the IT staffing companies and allows having greater outreach to the candidate.

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Leader in ATS Solution

Positioned as the Leader in the Applicant Tracking Software industry, we take pride in introducing ourselves as your industry partner. Whether you are selling into staffing industry, seeking technology partners to rule the roost, or looking to improve applicant and candidate tracking processes we are a nimble organization that can help you!

Led by experienced Recruitment Professionals

With years of experience, we strive to offer all-in-one customizable, flexible, robust and user-friendly applicant tracking solutions to staffing firms endeavoring to establish its footprint in the global staffing market.

We have assembled a talented team of experienced staffing professionals to work in collaborative manner on every project!

Why TargetRecruit

We know staffing needs better than anyone else! We have expertise, technology know how, experience and we are committed to relentless innovation – that makes all the difference! We cultivate innovation and fuse it with technology to clone the best staffing solutions!

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